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A revolutionary educational system from the United States, in which the student plays the leading role of the learning process, is now in Colombia.

Integrated Learning of Colombia, is an academic consulting company, created to deliver educational solutions to the entire academic community of Colombia, using leading edge technology, modern and innovative platforms, in a virtual environment.


To help our High School Students, in Colombia, to have access to a dual High School Diploma (one from a high school in Colombia and one from a High School in the US) and increase their possibilities to attend US Universities. This is done by providing industry-leading online curriculum with support from teachers as well as academic counselors and coaches to help students reach their full potential, while earning their US high school Diploma.


Our determination to provide academic solutions to our High School students, in Colombia, is giving us the perspective of becoming a virtual education supplier, with the higher success rate in Colombia.


Our commitment to comprehensive education.

Our commitment to innovation.

Our commitment to bring, leading edge academic platforms, to our high school students in Colombia

Our commitment to develop responsible relationships with our communities and clients.



Who we are


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