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Some of the benefits k12, through Integrated Learning, offers to your school:

  • Ability to expand course offerings to students without increasing your teaching staff, including Honors, AP, World Languages, and unique electives
  • Online summer school program for all grade levels, regardless of student location during summer break
  • Innovative education offering to make your school more competitive in your local school market
  • Education alternative in the event of a pandemic, natural disaster or political evacuation
  • Ability to serve families who seek a more individualized approach to learning
  • Opportunity to enroll students on a wait list until a seat at your school is available
  • Education option for geographically remote or non-traditional students who want a chance to earn a U.S. diploma through K¹²’s accredited online school

Other important features include:

  • * Quality, standards-aligned American curriculum, with all lessons and materials included
  • Community outreach
  • Teacher and Administrator management tools
  • Largest online course catalog with over 160 courses, including over 105 high school courses with 14 AP courses
  • Rolling admissions that can be aligned with your school calendar—plus no wait list, with starting point determined by placement tests (K-8 only)
  • Fosters international cooperation through a dedicated community site, online clubs, and various extra-curricular programs
  • Extensive College & Career Planning resources and tools

In what ways can your school partner with us? The answer is, in whatever way works best for you: * Our comprehensive online course catalog is available, through Integrated Learning, with anything from single courses to full-time enrollment.

  • You’ll have the assurance of a standards-aligned American curriculum, with all lessons and materials included.
  • Our courses, plus our Administrator and Teacher Management tools provide for a turnkey, scalable solution with no infrastructure costs.
  • We can offer a full U.S. diploma program through the K¹² International Academy.
  • We also offer a staff of experienced, certified, high-caliber teachers, ready to expand your catalog by teaching accredited online courses to your students, each of which come with an official transcript for credit.
  • If you prefer to use your own teachers, we offer a full suite of professional development to help your teachers acquire the knowledge, skills, and confidence to excel at the specialized role of online educator.

Now your school can better position itself and its students for a new world of learning by partnering with the leader in online education, K¹².



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